In the UK 10", 12", LP, VIDEO, SHP £3.0 +£1.50 next and each after. 7", CD £1.50 + 50p each and after max 4.

Shipped Air Mail to Europe - 10", 12", LP, VIDEO, SHP £4.50 + £2.50 each after.   7", CD £2.50 + £1.00 each after.

Shipped Air Mail cost to the rest of the world. 10", 12", LP, VIDEO, SHP, £6.50 + £3.00 each after by sea (takes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery by sea to America) or £12 Air Freight to America and an extra £4 to have it signed for.  7", CD £3.00 + £1.00 each after/

Payment can be made WITHIN the UK by: postal order , cheque made payable to: Ahamed Rocks, or by PayPal.

Outside the UK: by USA Dollars/Euros,  Sterling cash sent at your own risk or PayPal.

No foreign checks or money orders accepted.

Cheques, Postal Orders, Enquiries and Feedback to be sent to:

Ahamed Rocks
PO Box 14444
B90 4ED