"DAUNTLESS"  A band formed by a young man called Andy.He has natural talent as a singer, guitarist and a songwriter and heads a three piece band. I'v seen them play live a couple of times and they have lots of potential but never gave me the feeling I was looking for. But I can honestly say, "it's just around the corner" I've just got into 30 Seconds to Mars "This is War" album and when I told Andy how good it was, he replied "I checked them out four years ago.." indicating to me that he's on the ball (if you know what I mean?) They have been offered big money contracts but turned them down because they weren't right. They asked me to be their manager but I'm on a mission to build this website, but I said I'd help them with my knowledge, passion and enthusiasum for Rock music.
They are worth checking out. Remember the name "Dauntless"
Not to be confuse with the Fininsh Death metal band or the American band "The Dauntless"
I've suggested a name change but we'll have to wait and see. .....