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I've been into "Rock" music for over 30 years and been to loads of concerts. I love collecting records from all over the world and getting some signed.My first concert was Saxon at Birmingham Odeon in 1980 and I was hooked forever...   
I used to work for Reddingtons Rare Records in Birmingham for 15 years in charge of the "Rock" section and Robert Plant was one of my customers before the shop closed and I was made redundant.
Buying off me, is buying off a man who loves Rock music!!!
I'm selling my record collection. It took years and years to build up and hours and hours to meet my favorite "stars". This site was created (esp the gallery, to prove all the autographs are genuine) by me and took over 3 years to construct. I know times are hard, so I've priced items the best I can, but at the same time I've spent years collecting them and this is reflected in the price. Once some are sold, I don't expect to see them again. Lots of items are Mega-rare!!!  eg About 15years ago, I was on the radio for having the largest collection of Def Leppard in Great Britain..and I tried to get the band to sign as many as possible...

E-mail me about anything. Come and say "Hello!" People from Birmingham, England are called "Brummies" We're very friendly people....Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Magnum are all Brummies too.......
I still go to concerts and have recently seen Iron Maiden and Kiss at Birmingham NIA 2017. They were both Brilliant. In the past I've met all of Maiden and Gene Simmonds of Kiss.
I've also met David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Judas Priest,Deep Purple,Motorhead,Tommy Lee of Motley Crue,Thin Lizzy,Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Noel Gallagher, Graham Bonnet, The Mission, Blackie Lawless of Wasp, Bev Bevan of ELO, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Airbourne, Ratt, Corey Taylor, UFO, Testament, Thunder, Mike Peters of The Alarm, Gary Moore, Bryan Adams, White Lion,Scorpions, Budgie, Asia, Tygers of Pan Tang, Paul Rodgers, Black Stone Cherry, Doro, Girlschool, Tesla, Y+T, Diamond Head, Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols,Quireboys, Terrorvision, Gary Numan,Judas Priest, Gun, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness,Jon Anderson of Yes, Magnum and Megadeth but didn't get photos for my Gallery.....
Getting autographs takes hours and hours of waiting around.A lot of the time it's down to luck, being in the right place at the right time. Some of the big artists only sign one item per person so the prices are reflected in the signitures.
Some artists like to dedicate your name, then sign so I've kept a lot of records in my personal collection....
It;s taken me a very long time to get autographs for this site and I hope you enjoy all the photos in my gallery.
I've sent records and cds all over the world and had no complaints-just great feedback...have a look for yourself.
Enjoy Ahamed Rocks ....it's one of a kind!

Check out my Feedback and other sections. Have a great time looking around.....and tell all your friends.

Ahamed Rocks; I was born in Birmingham, England. My father was Muslim (he's now passed away) and my mother is Christian. I try and be the best man between the two cultures. My name is pronounced Ham-ed. I hope you enjoy
Ahamed Rocks and have fun looking around it....
This website is special, because as far as I know it is the only one of it's kind in the world that only sells "Rock" music and has over 3,000 pages to look at.

Any questions? Just e-mail me and I'll try and help you or just say "Hello"

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So, if you want to buy off me open up a Paypal account and enjoy yourself...., but please email me first so that I can reserve the item for you.