Listed below are letters/emails off customers who were pleased with the service ther received when they ordered goods off

Sold Marillion "Radiation" promo cd

I was very pleased to come home and find your envelope with the cd. Thankyou very much for that.
I will be watching your site from now on.
Thanks again and all the best (and good luck with your site).
Alex (from Holland)

Haavard from Norway

I'm a Maiden collector from Norway. Very glad to see that you got a great web site up, and that you still got a passion ror rock/metal.
You already got some great stuff in stock, and I'm sure a lot more will come.
The gallery section is very impressive lucky b####d!!!!!

Kind regards, Haavard


Outside Wolverhampton Civic Hall after the gig, Joel came up to me, in front of all the people waiting to meet the band;
"Ahamed is one hellava guy, he sold me "Back in Black" on vinyl for 5 Bucks........."(£5 UK Raised cover. I asked him how much have you got? He turned out his pockets and only had £5 so I said "it's your lucky day". £5 and an autograph, but my pen ran out of ink, so after the fantastic concert I waited around for him to sign the same cd "Running Wild" with a better pen.
I was at a VIP record fair at the Civic Hall selling Rock records and promoting my site. Joel came in right at the end when everyone was packing up. I was the only person that asked him for an autograph.
Airbourne are brilliant (see my review) they Rock!!!!!!

Jim from Switzerland

I'm very pleased to received that nice letter you wrote with the picks I ordered. Good to see that some people try to implement a long term relationship with loyal customers. Be sure, I'll buy some more. The picks are great. Robin Crosby of Ratt picks for £15 is unique. They normally sell for £50 on E-bay. Thanks for that. They're already on my wall.
          Regards from Switzerland,  Jim Z

Nigel from Northampton, England.

I spent £50 with you. Money well spent. Every LP was in excellent condition. You seem a really great guy. With such a professional attitude.
I miss Reddingtons, but it's great to have you now.
Hope to place many orders with you in the future.    (Nigel bought a selection of £5 lp's.....)

Donavan from Switzerland

Hi sear. Just to tell you that the LP is coming safe. Thanks. Really really great item (Testament-fully signed LP) I'm really happy and super fast shipping.....mailed me a "wants" list also..

Sasu from Finland.

Thankyou for the super fast delivery. I received the Robert PLant Mighty Rearranger LP today.
I'd been searching for it for a long time but it seems to be quite rare. Luckily I found your website and got the record for a reasonable price.

Andy from England.

Just to say a big THANKYOU for the fantastic copy of "Overkill" on Green vinyl by Motorhead, which I bought off you last week (APRIL 2012) BRILLIANT!!! I've been trying to get one like this for ages..
LOVELY CONDITION! Looks and plays superb.
I'll definetly be back in touch and will recomend your site to everyone I know.

Thanks again and all the very best.