I've taken off all the personnel stuff about me from the news section but I love writing about myself-all the hardships i endure all the shit that i have to deal with just to sell a few records.

Sales come and everyone is a pleasure but I need more yo survive so dig deep and buy something off me or just email me and make a sensible offer on expensive items, I sell loads and loads of autographs so invest wisley and talk to me....I did reduce a Guns n Roses 1998 donington shirt signed by duff from £175 to £100 and it was bought by a chap from Austraillia Herve from France bought nearly all my Metallica autographs he just snapped them up also Motorhead, Sabbath ,Dio and Testament.....

I thought I was being greedy when I priced up my Meatloaf bat out of hell at £500 so I reduced it to £250 and it sold straight away...

Iron maiden jap somewhere in time was snapped up when I first started at £275 and recently my number of the beast lp picture disc signed and framed with a 1982 tour prog sold a few months ago...beautiful item framed in perspex one off.

Slayer and Testament and King Diamond records i have are all sold out

Their are loads of fantastic items for sale.

I've bought a huge iron maiden collection and will stick it all on soon inc soundhouse tapes but after research though it was a fake so sold it for £100 to my friend Ian at a record fair in Wolves.He was pleased he is one of my best customers and 10 years ago Isold him fear of the dark promo box set fully autographed for £500 he now thinks its worth £2k

Graham from Derby is a huge Slayer and Metallica collector and a few months ago I was feelin' so high i sold him "I am the Walrus" 12inch promo by Oasis for £250 instead of £500 cos he spent loads on Slayer and Metallica I was so happy i sold him golden years 12inch signed by lemmy for £50

Nigel is another great customer who has an UNCUT TROOPER by maiden in his collection

Yvonne collects Def Leppard, Whitesnake Metallica and Rush (and is really fit but married....)

come and visit me at a Wolves or Birmingham vip record fair FREE CHOCOLATES AND ROCK MUSIC AND SMILES......


love Ahamed ps new Slipknot album is brilliant Maiden HEADLINING download 2020....OZZY will return one day fingers crossed cya X jAMES HETFIELD get well soon and dave mustaine of Megadeth and Biff Byford of Saxon