Well, I've seen AC/DC in concert 19 times and met them 6 times. First time was both nights at the Birmingham NEC Arena in1982 with Y+T as support.
Saw Metallica on the Master of Puppets tour when they supported Marillion and Bon Jovi at Donington.
Saw Guns n' Roses at Nottingham Rock City in 1987 on the Appetite for Destruction tour with Faster Pussycat supporting and every UK tour since.
Saw Def Leppard on the High n' Dry tour at Birmingham Odeon in 1981 and Pyromania twice at Birmingham Odeon and 13 times on the Hysteria tour part 1 and part 2 and in total up to 2011, I've seen Def Leppard 64 times all over the UK and met them loads and loads of times including the late, great Steve Clark in Nottingham Royal Centre on the Hysteria tour. He was very quiet but signed everything I gave him.

First saw Iron Maiden on the Piece of Mind tour at Birmingham Odeon in 1983 and Somewhere in Time (all Birmingham nights) Powerslave (all Birmingham nights) and loads of times up to present, 2011 Birmingham NIA and met them all except Bruce, who travelled by train and didn't stop at the hotel.
Status Quo 1981 at the Birmingham NEC Arena on the Never Too Late tour.
Queen with Freddie Mercury at the Birmingham NEC Arena on the Works tour.
Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynott Renegade and twice on the Thunder and Lightning tour at Birmingham Odeon, 1981 and 1983. I was lucky to meet him and Roger Taylor of Queen in 1983 in Leeds where they came out of a building after doing "PopQuiz" with Mike Read. I was eating chips and shared them and they signed my chip paper. It was very lucky as I'd just seen Saxon at the Queens Hall and was just wandering around......
Marillion with Fish at Birmingham Odeon Real to Reel tour, all 3 Misplaced Childhood gigs at B'ham Odeon and the NEC Arena on the same tour. Clutching at Straws at the NEC Arena and loads and loads of times with Steve Hogarth. 1st London solo gig at the Garage. Got a ticket for Birmingham 2011 in December. "Neverland" is a wonderful track.......
First saw U2 on the Unforgettable Fire tour in 1984 at the Birmingham NEC Arena, Under a Blood Red Sky at Milton Keynes, 5 times on the Joshua Tree tour, Wembley Stadium, Cardiff Arms Park and all 3 nights at Birmingham NEC Arena. And I mainly went to "Live Aid" to see U2 and Queen.
Bryan Adams at Hammersmith Odeon just after he issued "Run to You." and met him at the soundcheck.
Saw Bon Jovi on the 7800* Farenheit tour at Birmingham Odeon. Tickets were £3 each.
Motley Crue on the Shout at the Devil tour at Donington and Theatre of Pain at Birmingham Odeon with Cheap Trick supporting and I met Tommy.
Simple Minds in Cologne, West Germany where Charlie gave me his pick.
Bon Jovi in Paris with the ex-wife.
The Police at the NEC Arena on the Sychronicity tour. Tickets £7.50 each.
Rush 1981 at Stafford Bingley Hall cowshed.
WASP on their first tour of the UK with Wrathchild supporting.
Thunder at the Irish Centre in Birmingham when they first started.
Magnum supporting Krokus at Birmingham Odeon. 1981
OZZY solo at Birmingham Odeon and with Budgie at the NEC Arena on the Talk at the Devil tour.

This list could go on for pages. "I LOVE ROCK" since the age of  14. First album "A Farewell to Kings" by Rush. First single "Wheels of Steel" by Saxon. First concert "Saxon" at Birmingham Odeon 1980.Iron Maiden are My number one band but to be honest with you I love them all depending what music I'm into.
I sell autographs, but once there gone, the're gone. I'm not going up to Angus Young or Joe Elliot or whoever just to sell them because I love them and they have become my friends.
I'll keep some forever because they hold wonderful memories but some I have to sell because of my circumstances. (Which just so happens to be a song by Rush..)
Talking of Rush. I got hooked on them Big time and even bought "Not Fade Away" 7" on the Moon label for £200, but during a spell on the dole, sold it for £500. Never seen it since...
Once bought and sold Bohemian Rhapsody 7" on blue vinl in a picture sleeve numbered by Queen. Bought it for £1,000, sold it straight away for £2,000. This was a long time ago.
Got Def Leppard's first single on a red label in a picture sleeve, with a letter off Joe Elliot and autographed on the back of the sleeve, everyone except Frank Noon. Took me 8 years to find.

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