I can't think of any at the moment, but I'll fill this page soon and you can have a giggle whilst buying your favorite records......If you want your favorite joke on my site, just email it in....  ~I've thought of a few now but left space for yours....

I went to school with a boy who had a concrete bum. When he got the cane, the teacher hit rock bottom.
I got home and my dog was sitting on the sofa. I said, get down!And he started dancing.
So I said to this bloke, I said what do you do for a living? He said, I sell manure. I said I bet you're rolling in it.
So I said to this bloke, I said I just got a job in a bowling alley. He said, ten pin? I said no, it's a permanent job.
So this cowboy walked into a German car showroom. He said Audi.
So I said to this anteater, I said how do you eat flying ants? And he just turned his nose up.
I said, last night I dreamt I was eating a large marshmallow. He said, don't tell me, when you woke up your pillow was gone. I said no, when I woke up one of my large marshmallows was missing.
I was invited to a party. On the invite it said, "Look Smart". So I turned up in a lab coat holding a test tube.
Godzilla fell asleep on the M25 and he's left a huge tailback.
This bag of rubbish came up to me. He said I'm at your disposal.
Tequila, Schnapps, Sambucca! I'm calling the shots.
I went to a tug-of-war competition and I pulled.