Slipknot, Machine Head, Children of Bodem, NIA Birmingham 7/12/08

"Children of Boden was great.  The use of keyboards was interesting.  They're gonna be big - once you see them, they hook you with great rifts and reek you in....

Machine Head "Rob Flynn commands the stage and even got the masses on the sides in their seat standing and clapping along."

"Children of Bodem were great, Machine Head were better, Slipknot were headlining, but I'd say both Machine Head and Slipknot were worthy headliners in their own right......"


Slipknot "With such a loyal and dedicated following, Corey Taylor and his gang can do no wrong! Even the fans at the back were singing every line.  Three drummers, and drumming upside down is unique, but the bond between the band, and its audience, has to be seen to be believed.  At one point everyone sat down in the middle of the gig as a sign of respect.  Next time around, they'll be playing Wembly Stadium - they'll be as big as the Foo's....just wait and see

AC/DC Wembley Stadium 2009

I've been into the music of AC/DC since I was 14. I'm now 42.

People had let me down so I bought another ticket for £100 off a tout called "Cliff" (he always looks after me) I preferred to be in the standing anyway than the seats because there's more atmosphere.
I booked a cheap hotel off the internet because I didn't want to rush back to Birmingham straight after the gig.
People had travelled from all over the world for AC/DC's final UK concert and weren't disappointed. They came on at 8.30pm and played for two hours finishing with an indoor firework display after the cannons.....
The best moment for me was "Let there be rock"
when Angus was raised on a platform and took turns facing each side of the stadium. The stadium was packed and people wore flashing AC/DC horns in the seats and cameras flashed constantly.
As Angus looked at me for the last time, I felt sad and shivered. This was the end but I had made the effort to be there. I'd been making the effort since I first saw them in 1982. I held back the tears.
Everybody wanted to touch Angus and a few months earlier I had.
I managed to get tickets for Birmingham on AC/DC's arena tour after queuing up for four hours but what I really wanted was a full set of autographs so I travelled to Manchester with the sole purpose to meet them.
Everyone knows that the most expensive hotel in Manchester is the Lowery so that was my destination. Fifty other fans had had the same idea and were waiting outside. But I had an "ace" card, six months ago my two friends had booked a room at a special rate in the hotel on the same day AC/DC were staying and I could be their guest which meant I could wander round the hotel. The hotel had it's own security and didn't like autograph hunters.
AC/DC had their own security too but as long as you did as you were told they were flexible. At 7pm two Mercedes people carriers were positioned outside the hotel. AC/DC were leaving for the Arena.We were asked to join the front of the fans waiting outside and if the band wanted to come over they would. Everyone was told to line-up and only ask for one autograph and no photos.
Angus always comes over and signs. Cliff also. Phil did six inc me then threw his pen into some bushes and stormed off. Malcolm was with his family so didn't sign. As Angus was signing autographs a huge coach pulled up and Manchester United FC got off and entered the hotel.I went into the hotel and too my amazement, Brian was just standing there. He had been left behind. I asked him "now that Shearer's in charge would Newcastle stay up? He shrugged his shoulders and replied "I don't know about that laddie." I asked him also if this was the end of AC/DC? and he said yes, I'm too old. I said Ive been a fan of AC/DC since I was 14 and think your brilliant.He smiled and shook my hand. Even though I was surrounded by hotel security I asked Brian for an autograph and he said yes but they said outside only. He signed my LP and was rushed away.
After the concert I came back (I'd been for a burger at Hard Rock, Manchester because I couldn't afford a ticket)
I met Angus and Cliff again and also Malcolm (who finished off my Jap promo LP) I never saw Brian or Phil (but I'd heard Phil had signed a few and I'd missed him) 
Out of everyone waiting Brian had only signed for me in Manchester.
What a feeling!!!
At the end of the Wembley Stadium concert, Malcolm and Cliff looked upset on the big screens as the band played "For those about to rock" for the last time on British soil.
The Cannons fired!!!! Indoor fireworks exploded!!!!! and that was it.
Before people went home fans hugged each other,then everybody left, chanting "Angus", "Angus" in the streets.
The Spirit of AC/DC will live on forever.
Thankyou AC/DC for some wonderful memories.
You'll always have a special place in my heart.
Stop press AC/DC are playing Download 2010.......

Airbourne Wolverhampton Civic Hall 10th April 2010

It was the first time I'd seen Airbourne, and they were fantastic
from start to finish. It was even better since I'd met Joel (the lead singer) at a record fair at the same venue in the morning and sold him a UK copy of Back in Black and got his autograph. He collects 
AC/DC vinyl and was pleased with the service I gave him and said he'd have a look at my site when he gets time.
During the concert (which was packed) he climbed the lighting rig and got on to the balcony and played his guitar.
It was brilliant and reminded me of the days when I used to visit Birmingham Odeon and watch bands in a small venue with an electric atmosphere. It was a wonderful nightout and I waited around after the show and told them how great it was and got full sets of autographs on my cds. Joel remembered me from the fair and told everyone that was waiting what a great purchase he had bought at a great price. Airbourne ROCK!!!!!