Thanks Noel

Hello everbody, last November 2020 I got a phone call off a chap called Noel.

I said Noel Gallagher He said  Noel Fitzpatrick the supervet off the telly 

He wanted to make me an offer on my Def Leppard Animal 12" Red vinyl fully autographed on the vinyl itself priced £1, 100 He offered me £900 I said ok and he ordered it.

He sent me an email asking for some UK 12" singles for free to spice up the deal so I sent him six. 

He was very pleased with the deal and the autographs and said what a brilliant web site you have and will be in touch in the future.

Customers do phone me and email me so don't be shy if you want to chat Rock and haggle over prices your more than welcome to try,

Lately sales have increased which is good Thankyou to everyone who has ordered off me in the past 

Best wishes Ahamed